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Please click the flyer for help with food and groceries at this time. Non-assessment, local foodbank. 

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Our semi-rural school provides strong outcomes for all pupils in an inclusive, caring and engaging small school environment. Pupils progress well personally through the wide range of opportunities and responsibilities we provide that develop their experiences, secure key skills and knowledge and encourage them to be well-rounded individuals. Pupils access a broad and engaging curriculum with an eagerness and enjoyment to learn and achieve. Pupils achieve well and by the end of their time at Chigwell Row leave with academic and personal skills necessary to be well prepared for the next steps in their learning journey.

Our school has the capacity for approximately 90 pupils from ages 3 years to 7, who are taught by staff who are enthusiastic, energetic and committed to their roles. These staff are supported by a hard working PTA and a pro-active Governing Body. Together, we ensure that the children are always the focus of school life and are valued both as individuals and as part of the school community.

Welcome to our school website. We hope that you find the information useful. Please do contact me at the school office for more information or if you have any questions. We are very proud of our school and we welcome visitors. 

Using effective links with our local community, we support our learning by providing an enriched and exciting curriculum underpinned by our school values system. We believe that the mental well being and happiness of the children is equally important to academic success this builds positive people who are confident to use their skills across a whole range of experiences - skills for life! Situated right opposite Hainault forest, We like to spend lots of time outdoors and 

believe that learning is best when children are exploring, investigating and problem-solving within a natural, local environment. 


We are an inclusive community where everyone is valued and each individual is celebrated.  

Please navigate this website for more information but if you have any further questions then please contact me through the school office.

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Phone : 0208 500 3355

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