Our Aims and Values

• Provide a safe, secure, stimulating & happy environment where everybody is respected & valued as an individual.


•Encourage children to meet the challenges of life ahead by fostering positive attitudes, self esteem & confidence.

• Help our pupils develop self respect, a sense of responsibility for their own actions & respect for others.


• Encourage each child to fulfil his or her potential, to be capable of independent work & to be able to co-operate with others thus developing a life long enthusiasm for learning.


• Provide first hand experiences which will enhance pupils’ learning.


• Help our children develop lively, enquiring minds with the ability to question & argue rationally.


•Provide a broad & balanced curriculum which meets the needs of individual pupils.


•Create high standards of learning experiences for all children by providing access to all areas of the National Curriculum & Early Learning Goals.


• Provide an environment that celebrates individual liberty, diversity, democracy & the rule of law.

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"To make a positive difference to every child's life by providing opportunities to develop & achieve their potential"