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Our unique school provides all our children with water safety lessons in the Summer term, we feel it is an important life skill and one that can not be started too young. We are also proud that we offer all our Year One and Two children with a series of progressive horse-riding lessons. The location of our school means we are fortunate to have the forest as our extra classroom, something we take full advantage of come rain or shine.

Kids Riding Horses
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In Year One and then later again in Year Two, the children are given the amazing opportunity to go to High Beech Riding school, where they are taught the basics of horse riding and how to look after a horse; grooming, feeding and mucking out. We feel this opportunity not only improves their fitness but it is fantastic for their self confidence and well being. From problem solving to improving their self discipline, our horse riding sessions provide our children with far more than a fun new skill. 

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All our children have the opportunity to learn how to stay safe in water. In the summer term the children are assessed by a qualified swimming teacher, who bands them according to their ability, some may have never been in a pool, others may have attended lessons elsewhere, but all have the opportunity to learn and improve this  valuable life skill.

Swimming Victory
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Forest Lessons

We love our forest setting and we make sure we take full advantage of it! 

We use the forest as an extra classroom, whether an Alien spaceship has landed or a den needs building for a friendly fox. We use the forest to inspire in story writing, to show examples in Maths and to create in Science. The children may not even realise they are learning but the lessons they are taught in the forest maybe some of their most important.