Our children come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of our pupils have English as an additional language and we have children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and various religions.  Our curriculum embraces varying viewpoints and beliefs. We aim to equip children with a solid and robust skill set to prepare them not only for the next stage of their education and learning beyond Chigwell Row Infant School, but for life.   


Our curriculum is structured so that skills and knowledge build from year to year. We consider carefully the transition from one year to another and we aim to create a firm foundation for our children’s continuing growth and development year by year, term by term , day by day.  Our curriculum is designed to prepare children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of future life, and we strive to do so by offering a broad and balanced curriculum in the the first three years of school. We strive to ensure pupils will be motivated by achievement both at the end of their time at the school and in their future, so that they will have a positive attitude towards themselves, others and their environment


At Chigwell Row, we have designed our curriculum with pupils’ learning at the centre. We recognise that a curriculum has not only to be broad and balanced but also offer pupils opportunities to grow and make progress as individuals as well as learners from whatever their starting points may be. We intend to offer our pupils new and exciting experiences through and activities that are designed to build resilience, confidence and self-esteem.  Our curriculum is supported by enrichment days, theme weeks and extra-curricular events such as horse-riding, orienteering, forest school and swimming. Recently we have visited Houses of Parliamant, had a visit from the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons. We regularly hvae visitors and  author visits. We want to make learning fun, practical and exciting to ensure that it is embedded in the long-term memory. We aim to develop resilience in our pupils, so they are willing to take risks in their future learning, accepting that making mistakes is an important part of the learning process. Growth mind-set We have a breadth of curriculum which includes keeping healthy, wellbeing, anti-bullying, growth mind-set, Zones of Regulation (see page) and British Values.

Our Curriculum Intent

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