Starting school for the first time can be scary at the best of times and you and your children may be experiencing all sorts of emotions.

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Talking about, and having some anxiety about starting school may be daunting for both children and parents as they begin to think about the realities of being separated once again. For this reason, we will be following a carefully considered, 'recovery curriculum' when school


During your home visit and your messy play sessions parents and children will have the opportunity to discuss and ask any questions you may have. 

When children begin at Chigwell row Infant school,

they will be guided gently and encouraged to socialise

and make new friends as they are introduced, slowly 

and sensitively, step by step, to their new environment.

New faces will also be introduced slowly.

Opportunites for indoor as well as outdoor play will begin from the very first day. Children will have access to clean, disinfected toys and resources and will be able to interact safely with their peers in their own contained reception 'bubble'. One full time LSA and one part time LSA will be in attendance daily. 

When children first begin reception they will have several short carpet sessions per day and will spend lots of time exploring their new environment and getting to know the new rules and routines of the school day. Visual times tables, rhymes and songs will help children to recognise and become comfortable with new routines. Special stories, drama and art activities will help children to make friends and most importantly, feel safe in their new school.


Parents will be invited to a settling in meeting in the first half term, after two full weeks of term and teachers will keep connected with you daily via our school communication app 'Class Dojo'. We can also catch up daily  at the school gate following social distancing guidelines. In the Autumn term, parents will be invited to several online workshops to share our curriculum and assessment procedures with you as well as for E-Safety and phonics. Parent meetings, powerpoint presentations and support material in the forms of videos home learning packs and presentations will also be made available to you as the year continues.

Below are some links and documents you may find useful.








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